Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Royal Houses from "The Game of Phones"

game of phones
Nokia/Windows  <-> Targaryen:
Nokia would definitely be the Targaryen. Nokia were once the undisputed Kings would built the Kings Landing, now overthrown because of some Mad King who was too egoistic to adapt to the changing world of handheld devices. “Burn Them All”. Now just like Danny they are trying to regain what truly is theirs.

Apple<-> Baratheon:
Apple was the one who started the revolt. We can pretty much relate to the revolution brought by Apple in the world smartphones and the revolt started by Robert Baratheon. Now history tells a different story Apple rules the whole of Westeros. The Baratheon who started the revolution is now dead and like King Robert, Steve Jobs too never knew how to rule.

Samsung<-> Lannister:
I am able to see the face of Tywin Lannister in the logo of Samsung. Apple maybe all royal and shiny but Samsung shit gold. They mine smartphone like lannister mine gold. A wide range of phone covering all grounds, leaving no stone unturned. From low cost mini versions to high end fully loaded handheld devices. And no matter what Samsung have paid their debt to Apple more than once.

Motorola are my Starks. They are the house of honorable men and women. Very much like Starks they are surviving the cruel world of smartphones. King in the North, I mean good quality electronic devices. They are champions in their own right. You have to wait and watch “Winter is Coming”.

Sony smartphones are no different from the Tyrells. They too have a shit load of money and maybe its more than the Lannisters… sorry Samsung. Sony possess the style, elegance and royalty like the Tyrells.

LG would be Dornish from the far south of Westeros. We can easily have an eye for the dornish wine and women just like LGs flagship smartphones Optimus and G series.

HTC is more or less like the Tullys. Their kingdom is not big like the Apple and Samsung, but are Honorable like the Motorola.

Blackberry will be the Greyjoys who at one point were the great Kings of the Iron Islands. What went wrong hmmmm. I think their over prized shitty smartphones. The idiots launch a phone for high prize and when no one is buying they slash the rates directly by half. “What is dead may never die Blah blah” foolish.

These little smart devices are like parasite. No class no quality and can stoop so low just to get the business running.

Karbonn are the Boltons. Villainous creatures lurking in the dark.

And last but not the least HP and Lenovo smartphones are the Arryns. They are there in the story, everyone mentions them but they are hardly visible.