Saturday, June 21, 2014

Ghetto Translations for the Aristocrats

We live in one country but there are two worlds in it.
Ghetto translations:

1. "Bruh you got me?" = Will you cover my expenses with no plans of reimbursement?
2. "That's wasup" = 9 out 10 i wasn't paying attention to anything you were saying.
3. "Fuck that shit" = Clearly the task at hand is too impossible and unlikely to accomplish so in turn I give-up.
4. "Shit just got real" = The situation has escalated to the highest point of seriousness and is no longer a laughing matter.
5. "Wait til ma team show up" = I am currently outnumbered in this altercation. However, the arrival of my friends should help.
6. "This ain't wat you want bruh" = Look my friend, I don't want to kick your buttocks, but I will do so if I must.
7. "F*cktard" = A person with unbelievably, inexcusable and indescribable stupidity.
8. "He ain't sh*t" = Though he broke my heart, I miss him, I wish he didn't.
9. Because dayum! - the aforementioned item(s) has blown my mind and has rendered me speechless.
10. "Imma slide through" = I wish to join you at you current location for a while.
11. "I'm bout to go ham" = If you say one more word that displeases me, I shall be forced to take disciplinary actions.
12. "Take one for the team bruh" = While I am with this attractive female, please occupy her friend who is strong in the face.
13. "Dafaq you mean bruh" = I understood exactly what you said, however I completely disagree.
14. "Dats the shit I don't like" = I do not condone that kind of activity and i find it rather intolerable.
15. "Dafaq you talking to?"= I know you are talking to me, but i want ot be sure before I engage in a altercation.
16. "You Mad Bruh?" = I am aware that you are upset with me, but I am going to ask you anyway to anger you even more.
17. "I'm around da corner" = I am very close to the your current location and will be arriving there shortly.
18. "We up in dis bitch!" = We are going to face the same problems in this altercation.
19. "F'reals ma nigga?" = Is that so my dear friend?
20. "Wey dat be happening at?" = At what establishment is that taking place?
21. "Don't make me flip shit up in dis bitch!" = If you say one more thing that displeases me, I shall have to take abusive action.
22. "Just one more time!" = If you continue what you are doing, I will have to react hostile.
23. "Nah, I'm chillin' tonight" = No, my current financial situation is not acquired for extra curriculum activity today.
24. "You ain't bout that life" = Your living standards are not fit for the situation at hand.
25. "You talk white” = You speak with proper annunciation and grammar.