Tuesday, November 4, 2014

There is Reason Why College Days are Special

1- Doesn't matter how late is your First class of the day, you're gonna sleep in it anyway.
2- College students also throw paper airplanes during the class.
3- Every clock In the building shows a different time.
4- Does not matter how smart you were in the High School... NOW you're dumb as a rock.
5- You might know all the subject, and fail the test.
6- You might not know anything about the subject, and ace the test.
7- No one is punctual, not even the teachers.
8- Skipping a class doesn't have the same adrenaline as before.
9- If you never drank, you will.
10- If you never smoked, you will.
11- If you never had sex, you will.
12- IF you did not do anything of these things during college, you will never ___ do. Unless you go to College again.
13- Psychology is, in fact, biology.
14- Biology is, in fact, chemistry.
15- Chemistry is, in fact, physics.
16- Physics is, in fact, maths.
17- In other words, after studying for years, you won't know anything.
18- You develop the ability of sleep anywhere, any time and at any position.
19- The most part of education is acquired outside the class.
20- Despite all this, when you finally finish the College, you will notice that it was the BEST time of all your life.

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