Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Why I am So Affectionate Towards Japan

It all started with Naruto. Naruto is a fictional character from one of the most popular anime in Japan. It would not be wrong if you say that I worship Naruto in a certain manner. Naruto helped me generate a keen interest in Japanese anime. I started watching more anime series. Bleach, One piece, Fairy Tail, Death Note etc. are few of them. But to think about it, anime can’t be the only reason for my obsession for Japan. There were many other factors that led to my affection for Japan.

Japan is one of the weirdest places in face of the earth. Why I say this, the following facts will justify my claim to some extent if the definition of weird is same for you as it is to me. Watching anime and reading manga made me curious and I started researching about japan, the insights on their people and culture that I got, left me with only one expression; “I gotta see this with my own eyes, its fucking unbelievable” and it also left me with an awe, which is weird in its own right.

Few facts that I find weird:
1)    Love for technology: Japan is the most tech savvy nation ever known to anybody. So you must be thinking people there must be using all sorts of latest technology gadgets, right? Wrong they just don’t let go off old technology. The truth is, many things are still being done in painfully old-fashioned ways. How can this be? You see, Japan is still mostly in the hands of the older generation: Over a fourth of the population is over 60, and they're not very fond of new technology. Many businesses still don't even accept credit cards. You will hardly see a 24-hour ATM anywhere in Japan.
2)    Work culture: In most part of the world, falling asleep in the office is likely to get you in trouble from your boss, or worse maybe get thrown out. But Japanese work culture recognizes the employee who works so hard they are forced to engage in "inemuri" - or napping on the job. I don’t even know what’s good and what’s bad anymore. One day in a year they party and this party is celebrated like a festival. Now why is this party special? In an organization each and everyone is invited and on that day you are supposed to binge drink and forget all the problems and differences you might have had with any colleague or even your boss. That night public transports are crowded with drunkards and yet clever people who in that drunken state are smart enough to catch a train to home..
3)    They are Perverted as fuck: In Japan they have a “Cuddle café”. That’s right a cuddle café where you can cuddle with ladies while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee. Pillows designed in the shape of woman’s laps and man’s arms, weirdest sex toys you will ever encounter.
4)    Weirdest Inventions: You have to see it to believe it. Small inventions mostly used as life hacks. Innovation on a whole level. Find details in this link.

In spite such stupidity which I find majestic which is weird in its own way, Japanese are very close to their tradition. They are very disciplined, being on time is in their blood. Respect for elders is instilled since childhood, bowing in front of a person to greet as a sign of respect and according to such form of greeting, it is said that the lower you bow the more respect you give which is very much appreciated.

Japanese are very good hosts, if you are to visit a Japanese family, they will welcome you with such warmth that will leave you with amazement.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dude I Just Thought of Something...

Discussions while drinking can sometimes leave you thinking some really weird cooked-up shit.
Sipping on a cocktail, suddenly it struck me and I was like, "Dude I just thought of something."

Satan used to be God's angel and a best one at that, but then he got all cocky and was all like “I am better then you God” and the God kicked his ass out of heaven because he didn’t want the competiton.
Then Satan was all like “I’m gonna make better heaven!” The only problem is there was only one customer review… The Bible… which is, of course, going to be favouring Gods heaven.
So what if Satan was able to build a heaven that was way better than the God’s heaven. This made God jealous and He was like, “Fuck that place is super-hot and there is nothing to quench your thirst.” And Satan is sitting there like “Of course it is hot , it’s the matha fuckin tropical paradise and thirst? We have an open bar! These reviews are bullshit.
And in the bible it says how satan is so evil and he tries to convince people to do things he wants then to do. Yet God mind-controlled a bunch of humans to write a very one-sided book that says  how great He is and how bad Satan is.
Satan gives us free will. So what if we have the story backwards? And when Christians die, God just appears and is like “HA! GOTCHA! Gullible piece of shit, go mow my yard. You thought you were getting some mansion, greedy bastard!”
And when I die Satan appears and is like “Welcome to Satan Heaven!  There is a Margarita waiting for you at the bar, extra salt just like you like it! Good job resisting the temptations of promised wealth after death and just living your human life the best you could think how. Sorry about all those bad things that happened to you, but I had no control over it. “God’s PLAN” they call that lol. Come on I’ll do a shot with you!
Its decided then I want to go to Satans Heaven.