Tuesday, March 24, 2015


1. When your bill is $10.01 and you have to pay with a twenty.
2. When the gas pump keeps clicking off every 5 seconds.
3. Having a great idea that you promise yourself you won't forget, and then forgetting it an hour later.
4. When you use the last paper towel on the roll and get the glue residue on your hands.
5. Trying to put a new key on a keyring.
6. When you say "no onions" and then watch them put onions on your food 5 seconds later.
7. Getting stuck behind a slow walker for more than 3 seconds.
8. When somebody misquotes a movie line from a movie you love.
9. When autocorrect changes "ya" to "us" (every damn time).
10. Making a sweet joke that nobody hears, but then someone else repeats it and gets all the laughs.
11. Getting in the shortest grocery store check out line, but the person at the front needs manager assistance.
12. When one sock loses the elasticity.
13. Memes with typos on them.
14. Shopping carts with the one bad wheel.
15. Receiving a "Call me back" voicemail.
16. Receiving any voicemail.
17. When you're logging in and the tab button doesn't work so you start typing your password completely exposed.
18. Having to take a shit immediately after getting out of the shower.
19. When the driver in front of you waits more than one second to go on green.
20. When someone snaps their fingers to get your attention.
21. Forgetting to send the email attachment.
22. Receiving an email without the attachment.
23. When the toilet paper is on backwards.
24. When people say "supposably" but they mean "supposedly".
25. That thing stuck in your teeth.
26. When there is no light at night for you to find the keyhole for your door.
27. When people don't let you off the elevator before barging in.
28. Holding the door open for someone and not receiving the customary "thank you".
29. When someone holds the door open for you even though you're far away so now you have to jog to the door.
30. Accidentally sending a work email before you're done.
31. Sending a truly hilarious text and only receiving a "haha" in return.
32. When someone is repeatedly sniffling but won't go blow their nose.
33. When someone actually says "OMG.".
34. Stepping in gum.
35. When people say "the struggle is real".
36. When your friends on Facebook use "you're/your" incorrectly.
37. An empty ice tray.
38. When you know there's still toothpaste in the tube, but you can't get it out.
39. A wobbly table at a restaurant.
40. When someone literally has no idea how to use the word "literally".
41. When one of your mugs gets flipped in the dishwasher and is filled with water when you open it.
42. Sinks that require you to repeatedly push the handle for more water.
43. Not knowing which tab on your computer is playing that damn video.
44. Tangled headphones or earbuds.
45. When a vending machine eats your quarter.
46. When you obligatorily ask someone how it's going and they give you a long answer about how it's not going too well.
47. When ice cream drips out of the bottom of your cone.
48. Yellow Starbursts.
49. When lists don't end on a nice round number.