Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bollywood Villains Who Should Have Received The Award for Best Actor in Comic Role

Indian Film Industry in my opinion is the only film industry in the world who awards the elements of the story. Unlike Academy Awards or BAFTA or other such prestigious names our awards included the category of two such awards that only Bollywood can come up with. The first is the award for best actor in negative role and the second is the award for best actor in comic role.

Along with changing times more and more awards functions started to pop up every year, and to name a few we have the IIFA, Star Screen, Zee Cine etc., who lack these two awards category. The only masaledar award function that has been carrying the essence of Bollywood is the Filmfare Awards.

Indian films made in 80's and 90's had special formula whose main ingredients always included the hero, the heroine, the villain and the comedian. Indians love their villains and their comedians.
Now with such complex formulas of making movies, I guess some movie-makers got confused as to how to portray a villainous character and ended up creating a comic character instead. Following is a list of such famous villainous characters from our very own Indian film industry who should have received the award for best actor in comic role but never for what they were actually intended to.
1) Mogambo (Mr. India)
Everytime when Mr. Mogambo exclaims that he is happy by saying "Mogambo Khush Hua", every single individual in the room will light up like a Christmas tree with laughter. I guarantee it. Those evil schemes to conquer India and plans to steal the invisibility formula plotted by Amrish Puri, definitely deserves an award, but for a comic role.

2) Colonel Chikara (Waqt Humara Hai)
"Welcome to the World of Colonel Chikara". What the hell were the movie-makers thinking when they created this evil villain. I don't want to comment on the acting, but the vibratory voice of Colonel Chikara always left me in bits.

3) Pralaynath Gendaswamy (Tiranga)
The legendary Raj Kumar was all over this movie. His character as Brigadier Suryadev Singh makes the villain Pralaynath who he mockingly calls Gendaswamy, look like a complete idiot throughtout the movie. Gendaswamy's idiotic behavior was found amusing to everyone.

4) Bulla (Gunda)
What shall I say to a person whose name is Bulla. The villain 'Bulla' from the infamous movie Gunda was a synecdoche for all the villains in the film. Kanti Shah's dialogues for these villains were a complete laugh riot.

5) Dr. Dang (Karma)
Evil scientist Dr. Dang single-handedly forms a major terrorist organisation to destroy India. Now the idea in itself is so funny that no one in their right mind would attempt such a feat. To make matters worse, this Dr. Dang has a dialogue to deliver "Ye Thappad ki Goonj" as if the whole situation wasn't funny enough.

6) Sir Judah (Karz)
Sir Judah is very evil looking king pin and a drug mafia. The only problem, he is dumb, unable to speak, but has a unique way of communicating with his henchmen. Sir Judah taps his glass of wine in a certain manner that very conveniently conveys his orders to his men. This isn't even funny, its irritating actually. We as viewers just have to assume that Sir Judah is such a genius that he came up this unique method and not only that but his henchmen are also smart enough to understand it.

7) Kesariya Vilayati, 'Bad Man' (Ram Lakhan)
Gulshan Grover's portrayal of 'Bad Man' is, I admit scary. The way he hacks people with the hugh ass axe he carries with him. But the moment he says 'Bad Man', audiences will have a smile on their faces.

8) Pinky (Daud)
The character of Pinky from the movie Daud is somewhat inspired from the famous character Joker from Batman comics. He is funny, cracking jokes but at the same time equally cruel. Singing jingles from the famous television ads like "Iodex maliye kaam pe chaliye" was surely the comical element required for the movie.

So guys, this was my list. If you think I have missed out some important names, please do mention them in comments.