Sunday, April 5, 2015

What Causes Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

Dark Circles
If you think I am going to answer the question, What causes dark circles under the eyes? just by giving you the reasons such as tired eyes and fatigue or staying up late at night, then you are probably wrong. There are a many more factors other than these that you need to know. Read on to know more on what really causes dark circles under eyes.

Cause of Dark Circles Under Eyes:
Developing dark circles under your eyes could be very irritating, it makes you look exhausted, stealing all the beauty and shine in your eyes. Tiredness, lack of adequate sleep are surely some of the common causes of dark circles. If the eyes do not get enough rest, the blood vessels under the skin around eyes include eyelids gets affected, thus resulting in dark circles under the yes.

Most of the time allergies causing hay fever, or food allergies such as gluten intolerance (Celiac diseases). Under such circumstances to avoid dark circles under eyes you should stay away from allergens and seasonal allergies can be prevented by prescribed medication by doctor.

Ageing is one the reason causing dark circles under eyes. With ageing rises the risk of loss of skin collagen thus resulting in the flat pads around the eyes. The skin around eyes to become thin due to loss of skin collagen thus making the blood vessels under eyes become reddish blue, thus leading to dark circles and puffy eyes.

Diet Problems:
Our skin needs proper nourishment and if our body does not get essential nutrients, we may have to face some skin problems and dark circles is one those problems. Proper consumption of iron rich food in our daily diet is one way we can prevent dark circles. The skin tissues around eyes needs enough oxygen to be healthy, so make sure you drink lot of water and strictly stay away from smoking. Though poor nutrition is not so common reason for dark circles, but is it so hard to ensure a balanced diet, so even that is difficult, make sure you take prescribed vitamin and mineral supplements for reducing dark circles. Ensure you have a daily diet enriched with fruits and leafy green vegetables.

Exposure to Sun:
I know much you enjoy sun tan for the proper skin tone, but do you know, skin exposure to sun generates melanin inside of skin's surface, which eventually makes your skin darker. Your happiness may not last longer as there is a side effect of you having dark circles under your eyes. Exposure to sun may even cause your skin to wrinkle so ensure you have applied proper cream or a skin lotion to avoid extra sun tan.

Pregnancy and/or menstruation:
During Pregnancy or menstruation your skin becomes pale, so the chances you have dark circles under your eyes increase as you know the skin at this time does not did proper nutrition.