Tuesday, October 13, 2015

13-year-old girl Rescued from a Marriage to 82-year-old man

A 13-year-old young lady from Kenya was saved from her traumatic marriage to a man mature enough to be her granddad, a CNN report said.

The report said that Younis was compelled to wed a 78-year old man when she was nine years of age as a feature of the Samburu tribe convention.

"When I spoke the truth nine years of age, my dad wedded me off to an old man who was 78 years of age. I went to his home and I stayed with him [for] one week. He let me know that I will be [his] wife however I was simply blameless, I needed to go to class. In any case, that man needed me to be [his] third wife. I let him know, I won't be your wife, and he caned me," Younis told CNN.

Younis reviewed how she got away from her four years of traumatic marriage and was protected by a young ladies' establishment.

"At that point I heard that there is a lady who helps youngsters. I originated from Baragoi unshod, I didn't even have shoes that day," she reviewed.

Younis was protected by Josephine Kulea through her Samburu Girls Foundation.

"Kulea took me to [the] kids' office, she saved me," she said.

The report said Kulea is battling against the Samburu social conventions she grew up with.

She said she began to scrutinize the Samburu traditions when she began to go to class and sought after a nursing degree in another nation.

"I understood we are the main ones doing FGM [or] female genital mutilation, alternate groups [are] not doing it," she said.

"I came to understand that things are not right and I have to have any kind of effect, that is the manner by which I began saving young ladies," she included.

Younis was just among the young ladies safeguarded by Kulea in their group. Among her first safeguard were her cousins.

The report likewise said that in 2011, FGM and early marriage were made unlawful in Kenya.

"There is trust. Furthermore, I know when we take more children to class in future there will be a distinction in my group," Kulea said.