Friday, October 16, 2015

Australian Chicken goes on a Tweeting Spree, And She's Got More Twitter Followers Than You

On account of Betty, a chicken from Perth, the answer so far has been two. On the other hand none, in case you're asking the Guinness World Record judges.

In the varied blend of a corporate notice crusade and an offer for the record books, the Australian fast food establishment Chicken Treat — shock, it spends significant time in grill chicken — has given Betty liberated access to their organization Twitter record and pledges to permit her free rule of the console until she effectively sorts a five-letter word.

(Alternately until the end of November, whichever starts things out.)

Five letters is the standard required for her to be named by Guinness as the first chicken to tweet, as per the Chicken Treat video.

Betty’s inaugural tweet went out last Wednesday, and she’s been at it ever since. To no one’s surprise but everyone’s disappointment, most of her missives have been in “Chickenese” and not Australia’s native English. She has flirted with making history on just three occasions: Saturday, when she typed “FEW”; this Wednesday, when she typed “bum”; and just yesterday, when she typed “few” again, this time in lower case.

Here's the twitter link

Chicken Treat



Could this chicken be the voice of our generation? I guess we'll find out.
It's ironic that Betty is a chicken, a bird that doesn't actually "tweet." But what's more ironic is that Betty is a promotional mascot for a company that serves up her barnyard brethren as nuggets, wraps and snacks. Hopefully her Twitter prowess will earn her immunity from a similar fate.
Keep on tweetin' on Betty. Never lose your voice.