Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bollywood Villains Who Should Have Received The Award for Best Actor in Comic Role

Indian Film Industry in my opinion is the only film industry in the world who awards the elements of the story. Unlike Academy Awards or BAFTA or other such prestigious names our awards included the category of two such awards that only Bollywood can come up with. The first is the award for best actor in negative role and the second is the award for best actor in comic role.

Along with changing times more and more awards functions started to pop up every year, and to name a few we have the IIFA, Star Screen, Zee Cine etc., who lack these two awards category. The only masaledar award function that has been carrying the essence of Bollywood is the Filmfare Awards.

Indian films made in 80's and 90's had special formula whose main ingredients always included the hero, the heroine, the villain and the comedian. Indians love their villains and their comedians.
Now with such complex formulas of making movies, I guess some movie-makers got confused as to how to portray a villainous character and ended up creating a comic character instead. Following is a list of such famous villainous characters from our very own Indian film industry who should have received the award for best actor in comic role but never for what they were actually intended to.
1) Mogambo (Mr. India)
Everytime when Mr. Mogambo exclaims that he is happy by saying "Mogambo Khush Hua", every single individual in the room will light up like a Christmas tree with laughter. I guarantee it. Those evil schemes to conquer India and plans to steal the invisibility formula plotted by Amrish Puri, definitely deserves an award, but for a comic role.

2) Colonel Chikara (Waqt Humara Hai)
"Welcome to the World of Colonel Chikara". What the hell were the movie-makers thinking when they created this evil villain. I don't want to comment on the acting, but the vibratory voice of Colonel Chikara always left me in bits.

3) Pralaynath Gendaswamy (Tiranga)
The legendary Raj Kumar was all over this movie. His character as Brigadier Suryadev Singh makes the villain Pralaynath who he mockingly calls Gendaswamy, look like a complete idiot throughtout the movie. Gendaswamy's idiotic behavior was found amusing to everyone.

4) Bulla (Gunda)
What shall I say to a person whose name is Bulla. The villain 'Bulla' from the infamous movie Gunda was a synecdoche for all the villains in the film. Kanti Shah's dialogues for these villains were a complete laugh riot.

5) Dr. Dang (Karma)
Evil scientist Dr. Dang single-handedly forms a major terrorist organisation to destroy India. Now the idea in itself is so funny that no one in their right mind would attempt such a feat. To make matters worse, this Dr. Dang has a dialogue to deliver "Ye Thappad ki Goonj" as if the whole situation wasn't funny enough.

6) Sir Judah (Karz)
Sir Judah is very evil looking king pin and a drug mafia. The only problem, he is dumb, unable to speak, but has a unique way of communicating with his henchmen. Sir Judah taps his glass of wine in a certain manner that very conveniently conveys his orders to his men. This isn't even funny, its irritating actually. We as viewers just have to assume that Sir Judah is such a genius that he came up this unique method and not only that but his henchmen are also smart enough to understand it.

7) Kesariya Vilayati, 'Bad Man' (Ram Lakhan)
Gulshan Grover's portrayal of 'Bad Man' is, I admit scary. The way he hacks people with the hugh ass axe he carries with him. But the moment he says 'Bad Man', audiences will have a smile on their faces.

8) Pinky (Daud)
The character of Pinky from the movie Daud is somewhat inspired from the famous character Joker from Batman comics. He is funny, cracking jokes but at the same time equally cruel. Singing jingles from the famous television ads like "Iodex maliye kaam pe chaliye" was surely the comical element required for the movie.

So guys, this was my list. If you think I have missed out some important names, please do mention them in comments.

Friday, April 17, 2015

What's The Laziest Thing You've Ever Done?

What's The Laziest Thing You've Ever Done?
Some Of These Answers Are Pure Genius.

1. Called the restaurant to send the waiter back to my table.

2. I have a dog and a cat, and I HATE sleeping with the door open. Sometimes dog wants to sleep in the bedroom, sometimes dog wants to sleep outside the bedroom. But he never decide until I'm comfy in bed. Solution? Keep a laser pointer on my nightstand. Once dog decides where he's sleeping, I'll shine the laser pointer o the door so that my cat paws it closed. It has now become a routine that my cat will wait by the door for the laser before laying down.

3. Shot 10 Nerf darts at my light switch, from bed. Missed all of them and slept with the lights on.

4. I downloaded a movie instead of going upstairs to grab the DVD.

5. Drove to class. Escalators up to third floor classroom were broken. Went home.
6. Not me, but a buddy of mine was laying in bed one morning. Picked his nose and had no where to put it - put it back in his nose.

7. I tried to skip to the good part of a 33 second Youtube video.

8. TV remote was 2 feet out of reach, so I downloaded the remote control app instead.

9. I once watched 2 hours of antique roadshow because the cat jumped up in front of the TV sensor as I was flicking through channels and fell asleep.

10. Used to have one of those 'clap on, clap off' lights in my room. I hated clapping so I just made an audio recording of me clapping and mapped it to one of the programmable keys on my keyboard.

11. I had BBQ sauce on my cheek at a restaurant. Rather than get up to grab a napkin, I used a piece of bread to wipe it off and then ate it.

12. Attached my dog's leash to my RC monster truck car and walked her around the cul-de-sac with it. All from the comfort of my living room

13. I always heat things in the microwave for 1:11 or 2:22 because I'm too lazy to move my fingers to the 0 before I hit start.

14. I was drunk one night and decided the bathroom was too far away. So I peed in my cats litter box. Didn't feel like cleaning it up in the morning so I just threw the whole litter box in the garbage.

15. My roommate and I arranged our dorm room to be "lazy-capable." One person was able to reach the mini fridge and light switch from her bed, and the other could reach the the window and AC/ heat from her bed. We never fought again.

16. Eating my food directly from the pot to eliminate dishes. I hate washing dishes.

17. Spent a half hour searching for a torrent to download a textbook that I had left in another room.

18. Washed bed sheets. Didn't put the sheets on till 2 months later.

19. I purchased a 1000 pack of disposable plates and cutlery.

20. My dishes were piling up in my dorm room, and they were starting to smell a bit. I didn't want to wash them yet, so I sprayed them with air wick.

Inputs are welcome.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Band Performing Live at Guru Bar Anjuna Beach

Television Commercials that got India Discussing

Since the advent of the T.V., advertisements have always  found itself being abused by people. People hated ads. The only crime they have committed, is to interrupt our beloved tv programmes. Remember the time when there was only one channel, yes our very own Doordarshan. Ad time was break time for Indians. Housewives used to run into kitchen to wind up some unfinished business, men start reading newspaper and kids start fidgeting with something or the other. Now we have the option to change the channel, so if a ad comes up, "Click" channel change.

India loves television, and the love that Indian women have for soap operas is unparalleled to anything in this whole wide world. People used to watch these serials with such concentration as if tomorrow's exam is going to have the question "Sulochana aur uski Saas ke bech hui baatchet ka varnan dus vakyoon mein kijiye|". Now if someone is watching something with such concentration and you interrupt them with a silly ad then that ad is destined to face a great deal of criticism.  
Amidst all the commercial ads that were there, a few stood out. There were some ads which were not hated, on the contrary, were loved so much that we still remember them and feel nostalgic whenever we see those ads or discuss them among our friends.

The Magic of TV ad Campaign:
"Humara kal humara aaj, naye Bharat ki buland tasveer, humara bajaj"
Bajaj scooters came up with a jingle, so creative that it was on the lips of everyone. The jingle was as popular as bollywood movie song.

The name behind the success of Operation Flood, Amul has been running most successful ad campaigns in India. The Utterly Butterly delicious girl as a mascot did wonders for the brand. Amul lives up to it's claim that it is truly the "Taste of India". You can easily conclude that Amul knows India's taste in dairy products as well as tv commercials.

People were overwhelmed with cuteness they saw in Dhara refined oil's ad where Ramu kaka is trying to bribe the kid with "Maa ke haaton ki garma garam jalebi".

Fevicol has always come up with ads that tickled your funny bone. Fevicol won many awards for their ad campaigns and the only reason I see, is the sheer genius of using comedy to sell their product. 
Fun fact: The famous fevicol ad with tag line "Fevicol aisa jod lagaye ache se acha na tod paye" featured Rajkumar Hirani.
We can never forget the four names who totally empower women. No points for guessing.
"Hema Rekha Jaya aur Sushma subki pasand one and only Nirma". These four names has worked then, it is working now and it will always work for Nirma washing powder.

Surf excel's "Daag ache hai" will always be second to Nirma for the choice of ads they create.

The Star Power:
The trend of getting big celebrities to be brand ambassador of their products is not new for marketing companies. The glimpses below will only make my point stronger, go ahead scroll further.

The Advertisements with a twist:
Changing times calls for change in the ideas. There were few ads that were equally famous but have not yet achieved the cult status as they aren't old enough but they will eventually age like a vintage wine.

 Chlor-mint taught us that you just do not ask why people eat chor-mint."Dobara mat puchna"

Orient PSPO showed that you can't risk yourself of not knowing what PSPO is. Even if you do just politely with a smile say "Main toh mazak kar raha tha".

 Center fresh "Yeah sirf zubaan pe lagaam lagata hai haathon pe nai".

Admit it you all were teary-eyed when Sehwag got a call from his MAA right in the middle of the game. I know reliance made a complete chutiya out of us but the ad campaign "kar lo duniya Mutthi mein" was a hit.

Ads with a Social Cause:
Surrounded by such a breed of people who are only hungry for comedy and a place where a ads works only if it has a comic touch, few companies risked themselves and their product and ran a ad campaign with a social message through their products. The worth mentioning are tata namak and again tata tea.

The Controversial Ones:
Controversy is the parasite that feeds on anything and everything, so making ads and presents them were no exceptions.

The BlockBuster Advertisements:
As more and more product started coming into the market the number of tv advertisements also grew. This gave rise to a filthy competition and in this competition telecom companies stole the show. Telecom companies like vodafone, idea and airtel ran ad campaigns which were such big successes that it profited their businesses to new heights.

Idea's -> "What an Idea Sirji"

 Airtel's-> "Har ek friend zaroori hota hai"

And The Winner IS VODAFONE
for creating such a innovating ad campaign that I think rules the tv commerial world. You guessed it the character ZOOZOO.

There are many more that I have missed in this incredible list. It's not like these are the top or best or anything. They are just the ones that came to my mind. Feel free to add your list or write an opinion about the ads that I have mentioned.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

What Causes Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

Dark Circles
If you think I am going to answer the question, What causes dark circles under the eyes? just by giving you the reasons such as tired eyes and fatigue or staying up late at night, then you are probably wrong. There are a many more factors other than these that you need to know. Read on to know more on what really causes dark circles under eyes.

Cause of Dark Circles Under Eyes:
Developing dark circles under your eyes could be very irritating, it makes you look exhausted, stealing all the beauty and shine in your eyes. Tiredness, lack of adequate sleep are surely some of the common causes of dark circles. If the eyes do not get enough rest, the blood vessels under the skin around eyes include eyelids gets affected, thus resulting in dark circles under the yes.

Most of the time allergies causing hay fever, or food allergies such as gluten intolerance (Celiac diseases). Under such circumstances to avoid dark circles under eyes you should stay away from allergens and seasonal allergies can be prevented by prescribed medication by doctor.

Ageing is one the reason causing dark circles under eyes. With ageing rises the risk of loss of skin collagen thus resulting in the flat pads around the eyes. The skin around eyes to become thin due to loss of skin collagen thus making the blood vessels under eyes become reddish blue, thus leading to dark circles and puffy eyes.

Diet Problems:
Our skin needs proper nourishment and if our body does not get essential nutrients, we may have to face some skin problems and dark circles is one those problems. Proper consumption of iron rich food in our daily diet is one way we can prevent dark circles. The skin tissues around eyes needs enough oxygen to be healthy, so make sure you drink lot of water and strictly stay away from smoking. Though poor nutrition is not so common reason for dark circles, but is it so hard to ensure a balanced diet, so even that is difficult, make sure you take prescribed vitamin and mineral supplements for reducing dark circles. Ensure you have a daily diet enriched with fruits and leafy green vegetables.

Exposure to Sun:
I know much you enjoy sun tan for the proper skin tone, but do you know, skin exposure to sun generates melanin inside of skin's surface, which eventually makes your skin darker. Your happiness may not last longer as there is a side effect of you having dark circles under your eyes. Exposure to sun may even cause your skin to wrinkle so ensure you have applied proper cream or a skin lotion to avoid extra sun tan.

Pregnancy and/or menstruation:
During Pregnancy or menstruation your skin becomes pale, so the chances you have dark circles under your eyes increase as you know the skin at this time does not did proper nutrition.