Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Unbelievable Fun Facts About the Human Body that Make You Go WTF!!

Here are some fun facts about our body that might be too bizarre to believe, 

1. Semen ejaculates at 27 mph, making it illegal in school zones.

2. Right before you vomit, your mouth fills with quite a bit of saliva, this normally happens like 30-45 seconds before. It does this to help pro-tect your mouth from the acids in the vomit. its also a good indicator that you are going to vomit. So if that happens to you find the near-est toilet, bush, or garbage can.

3. When a pregnant woman suffers organ damage (such as a heart attack), the fetus sends stem cells to the damaged organ to help repair it.

4. Humans are deuterostomes, meaning that the hole that became your mouth formed after the hole that became your anus. There was a point in your development where you were basically just an asshole.

5. Your heart rate slows when your face touches water, it's called the mammalian dive reflex.

6. The inside of your cheek is made of the same tissue as the inside of the vagina. Yes, it may have something to do with the popularity of blowjobs.

7. The average person farts enough in 24 hours to fill a standard child's balloon.

8. At the onset of high stress, your blood thick-ens. This is to encourage clotting of blood in the case of a physical attack. This is often why stress contributes to heart attacks.

9. The average boner uses about two table-spoons of blood to become erect, and about the same amount of blood is in a gerbil.

10. You can always see your nose but your mind just ignores it.

11. The tongue is the only muscle in the body ONLY connected at one end.

12. There's urea in the eye boogers you develop while sleeping. This basically means you pee from your eyes while you sleep.

13. There's actually a blind spot in your vision, but your brain fills it in.

14. Pollen is essentially 'plant sperm'. There-fore, this makes hay fever an STD. Since no one voluntarily takes in pollen, I've concluded were all being raped by trees.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Football Live scores

Football Live Scores

Friday, October 16, 2015

Australian Chicken goes on a Tweeting Spree, And She's Got More Twitter Followers Than You

On account of Betty, a chicken from Perth, the answer so far has been two. On the other hand none, in case you're asking the Guinness World Record judges.

In the varied blend of a corporate notice crusade and an offer for the record books, the Australian fast food establishment Chicken Treat — shock, it spends significant time in grill chicken — has given Betty liberated access to their organization Twitter record and pledges to permit her free rule of the console until she effectively sorts a five-letter word.

(Alternately until the end of November, whichever starts things out.)

Five letters is the standard required for her to be named by Guinness as the first chicken to tweet, as per the Chicken Treat video.

Betty’s inaugural tweet went out last Wednesday, and she’s been at it ever since. To no one’s surprise but everyone’s disappointment, most of her missives have been in “Chickenese” and not Australia’s native English. She has flirted with making history on just three occasions: Saturday, when she typed “FEW”; this Wednesday, when she typed “bum”; and just yesterday, when she typed “few” again, this time in lower case.

Here's the twitter link

Chicken Treat



Could this chicken be the voice of our generation? I guess we'll find out.
It's ironic that Betty is a chicken, a bird that doesn't actually "tweet." But what's more ironic is that Betty is a promotional mascot for a company that serves up her barnyard brethren as nuggets, wraps and snacks. Hopefully her Twitter prowess will earn her immunity from a similar fate.
Keep on tweetin' on Betty. Never lose your voice.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

List of the Top 5 Tech Acquisitions Of All Time

Dell formally declared that it arrangements to obtain information stockpiling monster EMC in an arrangement worth $67 billion. It is the single biggest tech-just procurement ever. Goldman Sachs expert Simona Jankowski states, Dell, would have the capacity to extend its business and addition section into a key piece of the information stockpiling business sector. It could assist Dell with moving far from the stagnant PC business sector and tap emphatically into the more quickly developing and more lucrative business sector for overseeing and putting away information for ventures. The arrangement would undoutedly concrete Dell's move from a customer confronting organization to one concentrated on innovation for the undertaking.

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While Dell makes the most noteworthy record by acquring EMC, here's a glance at a percentage of the biggest tech acquisitions of the previous decade, measured in 2015 dollars.

2) Facebook secures WhatsApp

In October a year ago, Facebook wrapped up its point of interest $21.9 billion securing of the portable informing administration WhatsApp that it declared in February 2014. The securing is required to fortify Facebook's foot shaped impressions in versatile informing, particularly in the developing nations, for example, India, Brazil and Indonesia where portable is turning into a life saver for correspondence.

"A $19 Billion valuation is a stunning arrangement. Be that as it may, by getting WhatsApp, Facebook got a highly required help to its portfolio. FB clients were griping truly about the absence of customized mingling and sharing, which WhatsApp unmistakably has been effective with," says Vidya S. Nath,Director, Digital Media, Global Innovation Center (GIC), Frost and Sullivan.

At present, WhatsApp is the most all around differing informing administration. It now has more than 900 million clients, multiplying its group of onlookers at the time Facebook Inc. reported the arrangement. It stays indistinct, however, whether WhatsApp will transform into a noteworthy moneymaker for Facebook.

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3) HP's takeover of Compaq

Hewlett-Packard Co. purchases Compaq for about $19 billion in 2002. The arrangement was championed by then-CEO Carly Fiorina to wind up a more grounded adversary to PC creator IBM, notwithstanding confronting interior difficulties. The securing helped build up HP's status as the biggest producer of PCs for a long time, yet the arrangement has lost its shin as offers of desktop and portable workstation machines have declined with the developing notoriety of cell phones and tablets.

As indicated by a Fortune article distributed on February 7, 2005, "The HP-Compaq merger was a major wager that didn't pay off, that didn't even verge on achieving what Fiorina and HP's board said was in store. At base, they made an immense blunder in stating that the merger of two losing PC operations, HP's and Compaq's, would deliver a monetarily fit PC business."

Indeed, even today, the organization is laying off a great many individuals from the Enterprise Services division it made to a great extent out of its EDS purchase, and it's included in suit with previous Autonomy executives in the wake of discounting $8.8 billion in quality from that procurement.

4) Google purchases Motorola Mobility

Google purchases Motorola Mobility Holdings for $12.4 billion in 2012. The Mountain View organization essentially purchased Motorola for its arrangement of 17,000 portable licenses, yet Google additionally acquired an unfruitful division that made cell phones.

Edward Jones examiner Josh Olson on a post points the finger at Google's profit misses for a few quarters on its proceeding with misfortunes from its Motorola Mobility unit. Misfortunes from Google's Motorola Mobility cell phone and tablet unit will likewise keep on influencing its incomes in the coming quarters.

Subsequent to losing more than $2 billion in under two years, Google sold Motorola's cell phone business to the Lenovo Group for not exactly $3 billion and clutched the licenses.

5) Oracle-Peoplesoft procurement

Prophet Corp. purchases PeopleSoft for $11.1 billion in January 2005, putting a conclusion to a malicious 18-month battle between the two organizations and making PeopleSoft, once a key supplier of big business application programming, a completely possessed Oracle backup. Larry Ellison said then that his organization required the securing to give it the size and haul it requires to contend successfully in the applications market.

All the more significantly, the HR's buy programming firm transformed Oracle into a more considerable opponent to SAP in the business sector for business administration applications.

13-year-old girl Rescued from a Marriage to 82-year-old man

A 13-year-old young lady from Kenya was saved from her traumatic marriage to a man mature enough to be her granddad, a CNN report said.

The report said that Younis was compelled to wed a 78-year old man when she was nine years of age as a feature of the Samburu tribe convention.

"When I spoke the truth nine years of age, my dad wedded me off to an old man who was 78 years of age. I went to his home and I stayed with him [for] one week. He let me know that I will be [his] wife however I was simply blameless, I needed to go to class. In any case, that man needed me to be [his] third wife. I let him know, I won't be your wife, and he caned me," Younis told CNN.

Younis reviewed how she got away from her four years of traumatic marriage and was protected by a young ladies' establishment.

"At that point I heard that there is a lady who helps youngsters. I originated from Baragoi unshod, I didn't even have shoes that day," she reviewed.

Younis was protected by Josephine Kulea through her Samburu Girls Foundation.

"Kulea took me to [the] kids' office, she saved me," she said.

The report said Kulea is battling against the Samburu social conventions she grew up with.

She said she began to scrutinize the Samburu traditions when she began to go to class and sought after a nursing degree in another nation.

"I understood we are the main ones doing FGM [or] female genital mutilation, alternate groups [are] not doing it," she said.

"I came to understand that things are not right and I have to have any kind of effect, that is the manner by which I began saving young ladies," she included.

Younis was just among the young ladies safeguarded by Kulea in their group. Among her first safeguard were her cousins.

The report likewise said that in 2011, FGM and early marriage were made unlawful in Kenya.

"There is trust. Furthermore, I know when we take more children to class in future there will be a distinction in my group," Kulea said.