Thursday, March 10, 2016

36 Facts You have Always Believed to be True but are Actually False

1. Bananas Grow on Trees
Truth - Actually, they grow on massive herbs that just resemble trees.

2. Napoleon was Short
Truth - A tall tale. At five six, he was slightly above average height for a Frenchman of the time.

3. Don't Eat and Swim
Truth - This doesn't increase the risk of cramps; alcohol is the biggest risk increaser. But a full stomach will make you short of breath.

4. Salty Water Boils Quicker
Truth - Adding a sprinkle of salt to water makes no difference. It can actually make boiling take longer.

5. MSG = Headaches
Truth - There's no scientific proof-just anecdotal evidence implicating monosodium glutamate.

6. Dropped Pennies Kill
Truth - Terminal velocity of a penny is 30 to 50 mph. Not fast enough to kill-but it sure would sting.

7. Oil Stops Stuck Pasta
Truth - Nope; it'll only make it greasy. Stirring prevents sticking.

8. Three Wise Men
Truth - Nowhere in the Bible does it specify that there were three.

9. Left and Right Brain
Truth - There's no solid division between the talents of each hemisphere; the left brain can learn "right- brain skills" and vice versa.

10. Dogs Sweat by Salivating
Truth - They regulate temperature through panting. They actually sweat through their footpads.

11. Milk increases Mucus
Truth - It doesn't. There's no need to avoid dairy if you have a cold.

12. Water Rotation
Truth - A flushed toilet does not rotate the other way in the Southern Hemisphere. The Coriolis effect doesn't alter water in toilets.

13. Einstein Failed Math
Truth - He failed an entrance exam for a school but still excelled in math.

14. Humans and Dinosaurs
Truth - Despite 41% of U.S. adults thinking we coexisted, we actually missed each other by 64 million years.

15. Black Holes
Truth - Not really "holes," but rather hugely dense objects with massive gravitational pull.

16. We Have Only 5 Senses
Truth - Some scientists insist on 21, including balance, pain, and temperature.

17. Missing-Persons Reports
Truth - Police don't require a 24-hour waiting period before accepting a missing-persons report.

18. Different Tongue Parts
Truth - There are not different sections of the tongue for each taste: bitter, sour, salty, sweet, and umami (savory/meaty).

19. Only 10% of the Brain Is Used
Truth - The proportion of the brain "firing" at any one time is task dependent, but ultimately, every region is used almost every day.

20. Bats Are Blind
Truth - Not only can bats see, but they also use echolocation. That's why they're so awesome!

21. 7 Years to Digest Gum
Truth - The chewy base of gum is indigestible and passes straight through. The remainder is absorbed.

22. Vikings' Horns
Truth - The helmets were created by a costume designer for a 19th-century Wagner opera.

23. Great Wall of China
Truth - It's not visible from space. No single human structure is visible from orbit, but you can see cities at night.

24. Alcohol Keeps You Warm
Truth - It merely dilates warm blood vessels near the skin, creating the impression of warmth. It can actually drop core body temperature.

25. Vaccines Cause Autism
Truth - Groundless fears based on fraudulent research that's been shown to have been manipulated.

26. Don't Touch Baby Birds
Truth - Most birds have a limited sense of smell, so they won't abandon babies who "smell" of humans.

27. Alcohol Kills Brain Cells
Truth - Even in heavy users and alcoholics, brain cells aren't killed, only damaged.

28. Iron Maidens
Truth - These were never medieval torture devices, but 18th-century fakes were created for sensational circuses.

29. Wake Sleepwalkers?
Truth - They'll be really confused, but it's OK. They're more likely to hurt themselves if they're not awoken.

30. Body Heat and the Head
Truth - Only in infants is most heat lost through the head (unless the head is the only uncovered part of the body).

31. Goldfish's 3-Second Memory
Truth - While not the smartest creatures, goldfish boast a memory span of three months.

32. Sugar = Hyperactivity
Truth - Studies have disproved this. Poor or rowdy behaviors still occur in children with sugar-free diets.

33. Shaving Thickens Hair
Truth - Regrown hair isn't thicker, coarser, or darker; it just appears so because it grows back with a blunt tip.

34. The Vomitorlum
Truth - Not a room Romans used for Bacchana-lian binges, but the name for the en-trance to a stadium.

35. Caffeine Dehydrates You
Truth - Not really. The diuretic effect of caffeine is offset by the amount of water in a caffeinated drink.

36. Bulls Hate Red
Truth -
Bulls are color-blind. They actually perceive the motions of the bullfighter's cloth as a threat.