Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Wedding Vows that Actually Need to be Taken

1. I vow to always move your shoes out of the middle of the floor, no matter how many times a day your feet decide to leave them there.

2. I promise not to spoil 'Walking Dead' or 'Game of Thrones' for you — unless you seriously annoy me.

3. I promise to always listen, even when you ramble.

4. I promise not to eat your candy stash, even if I do feel like you're taking way too long to bust into it.

5. I promise not to tell you the ending of a movie I haven't seen yet or the conclusion of a book that I'm currently reading.

6. I vow to always let the driver pick the route. We read somewhere that there's always six ways to get anywhere, so why fight about it?

7. I promise to always pee with the door shut to keep the mystery alive.

8. I promise not to talk over you especially when I know you're right.

9. I vow to make sure we aren't just hungry before yelling at each other.

10. I promise not to look at you like, 'I'm surprised you don't already know this.'

11. I promise to stop answering your question of 'Where should we go eat?' with the question of 'I don't know, where do you want to go eat?'

12. I promise to always have the house stocked with chicken and toilet paper!

13. I promise to keep the fights clean and the sex dirty.

14. Do you promise to empty one carton of milk before you open another one?

15. Do you promise to always try a new restaurant with me and never without me?

16. Do you promise to not fall asleep when I pick the movie on Netflix.

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