Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Wedding Vows that Actually Need to be Taken

1. I vow to always move your shoes out of the middle of the floor, no matter how many times a day your feet decide to leave them there.

2. I promise not to spoil 'Walking Dead' or 'Game of Thrones' for you — unless you seriously annoy me.

3. I promise to always listen, even when you ramble.

4. I promise not to eat your candy stash, even if I do feel like you're taking way too long to bust into it.

5. I promise not to tell you the ending of a movie I haven't seen yet or the conclusion of a book that I'm currently reading.

6. I vow to always let the driver pick the route. We read somewhere that there's always six ways to get anywhere, so why fight about it?

7. I promise to always pee with the door shut to keep the mystery alive.

8. I promise not to talk over you especially when I know you're right.

9. I vow to make sure we aren't just hungry before yelling at each other.

10. I promise not to look at you like, 'I'm surprised you don't already know this.'

11. I promise to stop answering your question of 'Where should we go eat?' with the question of 'I don't know, where do you want to go eat?'

12. I promise to always have the house stocked with chicken and toilet paper!

13. I promise to keep the fights clean and the sex dirty.

14. Do you promise to empty one carton of milk before you open another one?

15. Do you promise to always try a new restaurant with me and never without me?

16. Do you promise to not fall asleep when I pick the movie on Netflix.

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

36 Facts You have Always Believed to be True but are Actually False

1. Bananas Grow on Trees
Truth - Actually, they grow on massive herbs that just resemble trees.

2. Napoleon was Short
Truth - A tall tale. At five six, he was slightly above average height for a Frenchman of the time.

3. Don't Eat and Swim
Truth - This doesn't increase the risk of cramps; alcohol is the biggest risk increaser. But a full stomach will make you short of breath.

4. Salty Water Boils Quicker
Truth - Adding a sprinkle of salt to water makes no difference. It can actually make boiling take longer.

5. MSG = Headaches
Truth - There's no scientific proof-just anecdotal evidence implicating monosodium glutamate.

6. Dropped Pennies Kill
Truth - Terminal velocity of a penny is 30 to 50 mph. Not fast enough to kill-but it sure would sting.

7. Oil Stops Stuck Pasta
Truth - Nope; it'll only make it greasy. Stirring prevents sticking.

8. Three Wise Men
Truth - Nowhere in the Bible does it specify that there were three.

9. Left and Right Brain
Truth - There's no solid division between the talents of each hemisphere; the left brain can learn "right- brain skills" and vice versa.

10. Dogs Sweat by Salivating
Truth - They regulate temperature through panting. They actually sweat through their footpads.

11. Milk increases Mucus
Truth - It doesn't. There's no need to avoid dairy if you have a cold.

12. Water Rotation
Truth - A flushed toilet does not rotate the other way in the Southern Hemisphere. The Coriolis effect doesn't alter water in toilets.

13. Einstein Failed Math
Truth - He failed an entrance exam for a school but still excelled in math.

14. Humans and Dinosaurs
Truth - Despite 41% of U.S. adults thinking we coexisted, we actually missed each other by 64 million years.

15. Black Holes
Truth - Not really "holes," but rather hugely dense objects with massive gravitational pull.

16. We Have Only 5 Senses
Truth - Some scientists insist on 21, including balance, pain, and temperature.

17. Missing-Persons Reports
Truth - Police don't require a 24-hour waiting period before accepting a missing-persons report.

18. Different Tongue Parts
Truth - There are not different sections of the tongue for each taste: bitter, sour, salty, sweet, and umami (savory/meaty).

19. Only 10% of the Brain Is Used
Truth - The proportion of the brain "firing" at any one time is task dependent, but ultimately, every region is used almost every day.

20. Bats Are Blind
Truth - Not only can bats see, but they also use echolocation. That's why they're so awesome!

21. 7 Years to Digest Gum
Truth - The chewy base of gum is indigestible and passes straight through. The remainder is absorbed.

22. Vikings' Horns
Truth - The helmets were created by a costume designer for a 19th-century Wagner opera.

23. Great Wall of China
Truth - It's not visible from space. No single human structure is visible from orbit, but you can see cities at night.

24. Alcohol Keeps You Warm
Truth - It merely dilates warm blood vessels near the skin, creating the impression of warmth. It can actually drop core body temperature.

25. Vaccines Cause Autism
Truth - Groundless fears based on fraudulent research that's been shown to have been manipulated.

26. Don't Touch Baby Birds
Truth - Most birds have a limited sense of smell, so they won't abandon babies who "smell" of humans.

27. Alcohol Kills Brain Cells
Truth - Even in heavy users and alcoholics, brain cells aren't killed, only damaged.

28. Iron Maidens
Truth - These were never medieval torture devices, but 18th-century fakes were created for sensational circuses.

29. Wake Sleepwalkers?
Truth - They'll be really confused, but it's OK. They're more likely to hurt themselves if they're not awoken.

30. Body Heat and the Head
Truth - Only in infants is most heat lost through the head (unless the head is the only uncovered part of the body).

31. Goldfish's 3-Second Memory
Truth - While not the smartest creatures, goldfish boast a memory span of three months.

32. Sugar = Hyperactivity
Truth - Studies have disproved this. Poor or rowdy behaviors still occur in children with sugar-free diets.

33. Shaving Thickens Hair
Truth - Regrown hair isn't thicker, coarser, or darker; it just appears so because it grows back with a blunt tip.

34. The Vomitorlum
Truth - Not a room Romans used for Bacchana-lian binges, but the name for the en-trance to a stadium.

35. Caffeine Dehydrates You
Truth - Not really. The diuretic effect of caffeine is offset by the amount of water in a caffeinated drink.

36. Bulls Hate Red
Truth -
Bulls are color-blind. They actually perceive the motions of the bullfighter's cloth as a threat.